ready-kidsPlay games and download information on how to be prepared for all types of natural disasters. Just click image above. 


newisdrlogoStop Disasters Game, launched by the UN/ISDR secretariat, is a new educational tool to promote disaster risk reduction among children who are the most vulnerable when disasters occur. With three levels of difficulty, this game learns how to save lives and livelihoods by preparing for a tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, floods and wildfire. For example, within a budget and time limit, players have different upgrading options, like building more resilient houses, if not demolishing them for being in risky areas, together with setting up defences with trees, early warning systems and walls. Developed by Playerthree, targets children aged from 9 to 16.

Quake-gameCan you secure your home in time?  Learn how to protect your home in case of an earthquake in the  Earthquake Safety Game

fbi-game Learn more about the Federal Burea of Investagation.  Play games and more to learn more about the FBI



NCPClogoLearn with the Crime Dog how to "take a bite out of crime" at