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Print Membership Application, Fill out, and send to the address above.

Patrollers are volunteers who have been trained and has passed a background check. Each individual volunteers his/her time to help make our community safe and secure.


Learn how to keep your home safe while you are away. Members: Print our a Vacation Notice Form.


For emergencies call 911. Click to view more helpful phone numbers and websites.


Learn more how your neighborhood watch aids in the community, from natural disasters to food drives. Your Epperly Heights Neighborhood Watch Association contributes more to the community than patrolling.


Participate in commenting on our blog. Learn more about what is happening in the community and what your neighbors concerns are.


This page has links to fun games children can play that help teach safety in many situations.

The current officers for 2015-2016. Elections are in May.

Linda Yeingst


Place to share a little bit about the person.



Place to share a little bit about the person.

Dorothy Rimbold


Chris Kizer


Patrol Captain


Learn more about Neighborhood Watch Association and how to be involved.

Who are we?

We are a group of your neighbors who work with our Police and Fire Department to keep our neighborhood safe. Our patrol team is fully trained and certified by both our Police and Fire Departments and communicate directly with them in any time of need. Unlike the 'old' neighborhood watch which merely put a sticker on your window for a fee, we actually patrol our square mile area with our own vehicles and radios/cell phones watching for suspicious/illegal activities or even simple unsecured property. We also offer a 'special house watch' for our members who request this service while they are out of town or just need 'eyes on their property' for any reason. We also help our Fire Department whenever asked with scene security, traffic control, or rest and refreshment. Another of our volunteer duties includes providing traffic control for the various parades in our City or searching for lost children and/or animals. We perform many functions and assist in many capacities in a volunteer status. Membership is a mere twelve dollars a year which is pro-rated and affords a member many benefits for such a small fee. A neighborhood is only as safe and secure as the neighbors make it so please consider joining and possibly helping us keep OUR neighborhood safe and secure. Join us at our next meeting at Del Baptist Temple every fourth Tuesday of the month. Check the Calendar for more events.

Epperly Heights Neighborhood Watch (EHNWA)

  • PO Box 55657 Del City, OK 73155


Postal Address:

PO Box 55657 Del City, OK 73155

Please fill out email contact information to send an email to us. We will answer your message as soon as we can. If you need more immediate attention you can also drop us a line through postal mail or contact one of our officers.